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21 Jul 2016

IranHost Common UI

IranHost is great company in iran regarding hosting and stuff 🙂 They are hosting most of governments websites or vpses. they also have a thing for software development and since both CEO and chairman have great mind they do things that are not regular in Iran, like building your own web components from scratch 🙂 They used to use Telerik`s web components since they are the only reliable company that supports RTL, but the components were heavy and Telerik would change the UI in every new version so if they wanted to update their components all the stylesheets must e re-written. and since the Angular.js is the HOTTY who every one wants, They asked for Native Angular.js components with almost no dependency except for Angular, jQuery, HTML Editor (we used TinyMCE) , and i made the damn thing :)) all components are bi-directional and localize-able 🙂 Persian, English and Arabic are builtin.

here goes all the components list:


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