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21 Jul 2016

Image Editor

One of Common UI project`s module was Image editor, it allows the user to modify the image within the browser. so a not experienced user can scale (resize or crop), apply filters, watermark and rotation (for now).

the filter tab contains following filters :

  • Opacity
  • Brightness
  • Saturate
  • Contrast
  • Blur (Gaussian Blur – not browser`s blur)
  • Negative (Invert)
  • Gray Scale
  • Sepia

the rotation tab is divided in two sections :

  • Rotating
  • Flipping

the watermark tab is actually pretty cool, There are 3 types of watermark : (but only one can be applied at a time)

for image watermarks, the watermark image it self can be manipulated as :

  • Scaling
  • Visibility
  • Positioning
  • Rotation





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