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21 Jul 2016

Grid View

One of Common UI project`s module was Grid View. it can be said that grid view is almost the most complex web component (day to day work) to write. there are concerns about virtualization, CRUD, embedding custom components inside columns, server binding, filtering, sorting, column resizing, column reordering, nested grid, group by and … 😀 CommonUI Grid View is proud to say that its competitive UI Grid, they say they support +10,000. i say in IranHost we support +1.000.000 😀 yes thats right and the reason why i cant do more is : browsers are limited to width and height and the max safe cross browser height is 30.000.000 pixels (IE9+), after that scrollbars play funky and rest of data would be overflow hiddened. so by 30px height per row i can safely go for 1.000.000 records, the Grid view supports :

  • Virtualization (Million Records)
  • Nested Grid (N Level – how much height have you got)
  • Add / Edit (Inline, Row, Container, Modal)
  • Can be bound to API (self loading grid)
  • Lazy Loading
  • Pagination
  • Column Resizing
  • Column Reordering
  • Column Hiding
  • Filtering (N conditions – Kendo supports only 2 condition per column)
  • Sorting
  • Embedding Directives and bound to Grid View ` scope
  • Parent Grids scope is accessible
  • Fix or dynamic row height
  • Events


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